Club Penguin LD banner

10 03 2009


This Yarury 🙂 please add this banner I made to your site thanks 😀


If you want the code email me at :

Copy and Paste this so I know your not someone bad:

Title: Club Penguin LD

Hi Yarury I would like the code to help you run this site.

Your Supporting Friend,

(Your name here)

Please add this if you are me or snowy or divacats’ friend or like us thanks 🙂




8 responses

10 03 2009

Nice widget its a very cool

10 03 2009

I wish there was more places to comment 😐

10 03 2009

aeah very nice widget very Cooooool I emailed you can I have the code

10 03 2009

Sweet! What is the code?

10 03 2009

What country are you from?

10 03 2009

Cool I can’t email you but could you tell me the code?

Yarury: No I can’t sorry because it changes the ” to something else! ahh it already did!

10 03 2009

Hey! NICE site! Thanks ofr the comment on my blog 😉

12 03 2009

Hey! Can I be on your blogroll? I have about 2,154 hits. 😀

Yarury: Well there is two reasons I say no 😐 First of all your site is not updated daily secondly this site is not on your blogroll 😉

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