Club Penguin Snow Sculpture Update

11 03 2009

Attention club penguin team’s calling all artists!

Remember how Gary left all that snow in the Lodge Attic? It’s going to be put to good use. Club Penguin’s so excited to tell you that starting March 20 you’ll see some snow sculptures – sculptures inspired by art that you send in! Each week for 3 weeks, snow artists will create 5 new snow sculptures that’ll be displayed in spots all over the island. In total, 15 lucky winners will have their sculptures and penguin names showcased, and they’ll also receive 10,000 coins! To enter, send your creative, unique art to Make sure there are no words in your drawings!

Here are some past winners:


Good luck! Club Penguin really can’t wait to see what you come up with!

In other news: The team’s working hard on the St. Patrick’s Day Party! How are you and your friends getting ready for the green celebration?

-Don’t forget to……Waddle about.

~Yarury 🙂




4 responses

11 03 2009

Can you guys add me to ur blogroll?

11 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Yup I’ll add you now.Hits are poring in fast keep up the commenting!

12 03 2009


13 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Your most,most,most welcome 🙂 .

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