Weekly Thursday Newspaper

12 03 2009


Yarury posting here! I might as well own the blog I’m the only one posting 🙂

The weekly news paper came today here are some picture’s on the content.

1Well the picture looks like a load of fun but will it be fun.Don’t forget the party’s tomorrow 😉 .

2I really can’t wait to see what surprise’s there will be this is my second or third party I’m not sure 🙂 .

3To bad its only for members but I will post pictures here and put a member safe chat penguin here so you can all participate 🙂 .If your wondering why I will put it on safe chat,its because no one can say bad words and Ban it that way.

4Well every body must be busy 🙂

5Now you know a lot about ninjas!

6Not so intresting huh?!

7Read the poem in the news paper its really like a cool story 😉

8Hmmm….. what kind of poem is that?

9Of course all ways last but most important the upcoming events 🙂 !!!

-Don’t forget to…..Waddle about.

~Yarury 😉




7 responses

12 03 2009

COOL POST!! Thanks for adding my club to your blogroll ::::)))))))))))))

12 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

No problem I like helping others 😀

12 03 2009

I added you to the top of my secondary blogroll since you do not have enough hits. I added you as Snowy Kittey. Now add me (as Wexfief)!

12 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

LoL 😆 I need to tell you something you have to put Yarury,Divacats and Snowy kittey,and then I’ll add you mister!Because snowy kittey isn’t the only owner of this blog she’s the 3rd owner I’m 2nd and Divacats is 1st 🙂

12 03 2009

hey ummm where did you find my blog?

Yarury: Let me see now.Oh yes I found it by clicking your name in a comment I forgot where.

13 03 2009

Hi Yarury,
Thanks for those comments on my site!
No, I am not a beta penguin haha 😆
The picture of the beta penguin in my header is not mine 🙂
Also, you asked for the font in my header, I believe it is called Stripes and Bubbles.
Isn’t the one you have in the header of this site? 🙂

Yarury: Oh yeah! I found it five minutes after commenting 😀

13 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

I deleted that header in order to that it really Sucked!

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