Awards day :) and news

15 03 2009



Yarury posting again 🙂 I would just like to award a penguin that has helped me a lot by Putting me on the top of her blog roll and commenting here a lot and playing my game on my game site click here to view it, so I would like to award her she can proudly display this on her site in a widget showing she is an awesome penguin.

pengsIt’s not a super awesome design but it’s Ok I’m sure you’d feel proud if you were awarded 🙂 click here to get super awesome designs made by me 🙂

Cca’s Bio:

Club Penguin Name: Cca97

Important events: President of Matterhorn

Penguin birth date: January.31-Feb ?!

Team: Blue team

Favorite server: Ice cold

Met famous club penguin members: Rockhopper



I want to make a game of my own,well not actually a game but a place where you can sign up,password page for members fun such as (Games,fan art,contests,Club penguin parties ….etc..)

So I will do that but I want you to vote for the name you like best 🙂 aha! don’t go and try steal a name now because I signed up for all of them so they won’t be stolen 😉

-Don’t forget to…..Waddle about.






7 responses

16 03 2009

Oh my gosh thx so much I love it and It’s a awesome design thx you guys! And i’ll make sure to order from Sugar Island!

16 03 2009

I also made it to link to your site! Hope you get a bunch of views!!!


16 03 2009

Hi Yaryury! Would you like to be apart of my site? If you would please give me your e-mail so I can add you as a author!



16 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Ok sure 🙂 ,thanks for helping me your a great friend 😉

16 03 2009

Okay ur on my site now!

16 03 2009

I am removing you from my blogroll.

16 03 2009
Lil Potts

Hey! Thanks for commenting on my site! I also know diva cats pretty good!

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