Snowy Kittey Quits

23 03 2009


The time has come that I quit,I have been playing club penguin before it was even brought by disney,I have been playing it since it was club penguin chat.

I am very bored of it so it’s time I quit,my beta penguins were given to some people I know!the 2 rarest were given to Divacats,one was given to Snowy kittey and the last two were given to Mushpatchu!click there name’s for there sites 🙂

I am opening a club penguinn advertising site which I’m sure soon will be a blast,yarury is giving this site a  makeover 😉 and Divacats is lazing about with a million penguins around her 🙂 😀 🙂

~Snowy Kittey 👿

P.S: I’ll let you know when I’ve finished making this other site.

P.P.S: Don’t forget to vote what you want this fun site’s name to be a few posts below 😉




4 responses

23 03 2009

Aww. You quit. I knew you since early January. I wish I got at least one beta penguin. 😥 I’m going to miss you.


23 03 2009

um…that’s sad! still…what’s with the mad face next to ur name? it should be sad because ur leaving!

25 03 2009

=[ u shouldnt quit! this stinks, u were a great friend and i will miss you


25 03 2009

oh no u quit!!!!!!!! i came here for such a long time! 😥 and i wish i could get a beta like anyone ells!

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