New blog!

25 03 2009


SK Posting 😉

Click here to visit the new blog advertise all you can 🙂

Click here for a coin code 😉 😉 😉

~Snowy Kittey 👿 Grrrr….. 😉 Rawr….. 😛 Waaaah…… 😆




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25 03 2009
Vika Viker

I visited it it was really cool!

25 03 2009

Hi nice cheat site.


25 03 2009

diva cats ummm well u saw that you were givin 2 beta penguins and well!!!!!!! could i have one? plz plz plz plz i just wanna see it!

26 03 2009

Snowy Kittey? And are you ignoring me?

27 03 2009


27 03 2009

Sweet I went there it’s great that we can advertise 🙂

also I wanna win cuz I was first 😦

27 03 2009

I meen the contest

15 04 2009
Queen ashes

the two places are 1: mountain 2: gift shop

15 04 2009
Queen ashes

oops i didnt meen that the first one is the plaza i think???? if it is the mountain or the plaza then please email me at plus i will give you a membership card code and a coin code if you answer this question.

Q; what is black on the outside, white in the inside, hairy on the outside and has something tastey in the inside?
A:………………………………………………………………(you have to tell me!!!!!)

my e-mail

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