The winning wig color

12 05 2009

(Post edited by yarury 😯 )

Hello 🙂 .

Here’s what you’ve been waiting for the announcement of the Wig Color Results:
Red Brown:10.45%
And, the color blue wins, that’s great 🙂

Club Penguin was really happy with your votes, it’s been a while since penguins were so excited. The whole club penguin team was very pleased at all the comments, votes and feed back 😉 … After they finished looking at all the French, English and Portuguese comments the people wanted Blue the most, so here is a sneak peek from Billy Bob for every one of you penguins.

Ooooh! What a nice Sneak Peek from the Club Penguin Blog. I will be using Money Maker to have enough money to buy that!! You Would You Save It For Fair Or Cheat?? Comment your Thoughts!! Yarury: No Hacking, 100% hack free blog 👿




8 responses

12 05 2009

Cool! latias – when i said doofhead i wasnt talking about you, 😀

12 05 2009

vary nice post!

12 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

I have to agree, super post also latias when you start the post start it with:_ Hello.

(Write the post)


(And if you can james or your penguin waving 😉 )

Latias45:Im sorry Yarury…

12 05 2009

super awesome post, I like the part where you edited 100 percent hack free!

I made my own site I wish that you will got there and visit some time soon.
Fun Squalin™

12 05 2009

and yarury you need to update you pin tracker!

12 05 2009

I know 😆

12 05 2009

she does right?

13 05 2009

She could you use mine. 🙄 I’M KIDDING! lol yarury, but yeh, you do need to update it! 😉

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