New Furniture Catalog on Friday!

14 05 2009


There’s a new furniture catalog that’ll be delivered to ye olde igloo this Friday. So even when the party’s officially done after May 17, ye can keep thee medieval spirit alive!

mirror.jpgIn other news: With the Card-Jitsu trading card announcement on Saturday, there’s been some ninja buzz… and we thought that some creative ninja/medieval outfit combos (ninja knights, ninja princesses, and ninja dragons?) might be cool.

~Latias & Yarury!




8 responses

14 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Nice post latias!

14 05 2009

Hi Yarury! 😀 (I have to go now – school! :evil:) Will be back on later! 😉

14 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

lol 😆 ok bye see you later!

14 05 2009

Hey Yarury i have a note for you i cant post at may 14 cause we will have a block out PS: if you dont belive that i am latias45 check my ip address

14 05 2009
Fun Squalin™

Wicked post latias and yarury! also latias what are you speakin about?!

14 05 2009

Hey Yarury! Check out my new site header! It looks kinda like Squalin’s AWESOME header!

14 05 2009

Im having a rare member penguin contest! You might wanna check it out!

28 05 2009

I put you on the top of my blogroll. It has cp cheats and it has 23,400 views. Thanks!

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