New Sports Catalog and New Music

29 05 2009

Hey Guys! Wexfief here.

I am REALLY angry! They brought back my rarest furniture item, the Red Biscuit Tube! 😦 😡 😦 😥

I really hate the new sports catalog. It is almost all rare items. 😡

There is only one cheat in the sports catalog though for you members. Click the Soccer Ball that is flying in the first page for the Green Soccer Uniform.

Green Soccer Ball Cheat 5-29-09

The new music is the ONLY good update but nonmembers should have some music too. 😐

Music list 5-29-09

The best one is the Mix Maestro.

I am really angry right now. Wish I can do something about Disney…

And read this post here : It is the most interesting thing you’ll ever see.





16 responses

29 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Nice 😀

30 05 2009

Sorry to say this but i am quitting and i will come back in August 12 2009

31 05 2009

um…u SHOULDN’T be angry that they brought back new items! cause penguins who don’t have them r happy! u know that’s kind of being selfish. u only want u to have it and nobody else! that’s the REALLY sad part about this blog…other than that it’s great!

31 05 2009

oh and disney rox!!!! what’s ur problem wex???? jeez…u r them most selfish person and mean person i have ever heard of!!!! there is NOTHING wrong with disney. they r NOT cheap…u r!!!! jeez….that’s just SO sad that u would post this!!!

1 06 2009

Ya…. ur just jeallous that others have those items next time think 😛


PS:Think or you will get a F on your test

2 06 2009

Yea, right. You’re just saying that because all of you guys are members.

2 06 2009

no actually i’m not just saying it cause i’m a member, i’m saying it because it’s the truth!!!! don’t be upset, cause the truth WILL hurt sometimes and u just have to get over it. not act like a baby! and complain!!!

5 06 2009

Most people hate Disney since:

*They are giving MUCH more rights to members. Before Disney bought CP, it was 100x better.
*They are bringing back rare items. I am a rare nonmember. Every party, I get nothing since all they bring to nonmembers are rare items so rare nonmembers can’t get anything and members get new stuff.

Disney just wants you to waste money just for them.

6 06 2009

Fine you know what you should be kicked out of this site! I dont care if they are getting money the reason why we are members because they pay for their TAX THINK ASS H*** The money they earn from us is what they pay for their charges fool

6 06 2009

Then why are you playing Club penguin then lozer

6 06 2009

bla bla bla

7 06 2009

because we hope maybe disney will be better. and stop making fun of wexfief. u guys r just being stupid because ur members and u r the type of people who feel better when they make other people feel bad about themselves. and disney is really stupid and so are u. last year was so much better when miniclip was in charge. and no one is angry about new items, stupid. were angry about repeated items. my penguin isnt that old, but im smart enough to know that disney is ruining club penguin. i dont care what u turds say. u probably have some secret problem of ur own and ur taking out on random people.

wex, dont listen to them. just delete their comments or ban their IPs or something.

9 06 2009

Do i look like a member???? My membership expired MONTHS AGO NICKANOODLE!!!!

10 06 2009

yarury go to

10 06 2009

I mean

6 07 2009

also go to my wicked web at and get cool stuff!

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