Adventure Party

12 06 2009

Hey Guys! Wexfief here.

The adventure party is awesome!

First, there is a cheat for the Play Catalog. It’s the same as last time : click the music box for the silver wand.

Silver Wand 6-12-09

Of course, there’s a member place. But the free item isn’t that cool so don’t worry about it nonmembers. Here’s how the member room looks like. The free item is a tropical bird. But I can always wear the Red Bird. 😛

Member Place 6-12-09

But luckily, the free item for nonmembers is BRAND NEW! And it is a pretty cool Safari Hat.

Green Safari Hat 6-12-09

Adventure Hunt Cheats:

  1. Click the Gray Fish at the Pool.
    1 Discovery 6-12-09
  2. Click the Long Vine next to Catchin’ Waves (Cove).
    2 Discovery 6-12-09
  3. Click the Turtle next to the rock (Dock).
    3 Discovery 6-12-09
  4. Click the bush with flowers next to the sign “Super Pool”. (Snow Forts)
    4 Discovery 6-12-09
  5. Click the Water Sprout and the top left corner and click the Whale. (Iceberg)
    5 Discovery 6-12-09
  6. Click the flowers at the top left corner. (Plaza)
    6 Discovery 6-12-09
  7. Click the spot where the water is bubbling and click the jellyfish. (Beach)
    7 Discovery 6-12-09
  8. Click the Pink Flowers at the Very Top. (Forest)
    8 Discovery 6-12-09

Click Claim Prize by clicking the Binoculars at the top right corner.

Adventure Background Get 6-12-09

This is how Wexfief looks with the background.

Wexfief Adventure Look 6-12-09

What would you rate this party (out of 10)? I say 10/10!





2 responses

14 06 2009

Hi Im bobcoffee7 maybe you remember me you commented on my site a LONG time ago anyways Im having an admin contest I would be really happy if you entered. Enter At

14 06 2009

Can you refer me here : by saying “Wexfief referred me to this site” ? If I win, I will make a membership contest AND a coin code contest and YOU get to choose what kind of contest I make. Please refer ASAP.


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