Yarury is officially back!

15 06 2009


Say yay for YARURY! I’m back to blogging 😀 .

Happy? lol 😆

Soo… since wexfief already posted about the party (thank you)

I’m just going to talk, our views are not good! last month we only got 2,000 hits this month we only got 700 hits!

So advertise this site as much as you can and let people know I’m back 😀


ps: The winners of the coin code contest, will be announced next month.

PPS: Latias is a hacker she uses penguin storm I read her comments on Penguin Storm blog (which I view, and make sure they don’t do bad stuff)




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15 06 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Please comment if you’ve read this post, and know I’m back!

15 06 2009
Zebby Queen

Welcome Officially Back 😛 .

15 06 2009

Hey Yarury!,

WOW! Your Site has Improved Alot In Hits, Style And Class and i will Be Making This One Of My First Stops For Club Penguin Cheats.

If You Would Please Visit My Site And Comment That Would Mean a great Deal To Me!

Click Here To Comment Back!

Thanks Alot! I will also be hosting Contests For a series 3 Coin Codes Soon! So Remember To Keep Checking Back!

Hope You Have a terrific Day!


15 06 2009

Yarury! When I went on your penguin, it said that you were banned! I swear I didn’t do anything!

15 06 2009

I can’t believe it!

15 06 2009

Well, your pass is kinda easy. If you change the pass, can you give the pass to me? I won’t do anything as usual.

16 06 2009
Zebby Queen

lol I banned it because she kept going on my penguin, and I forgot which email I set it up with. So I banned it 😀 woot woot 😛 . Wexfief why don’t you comment on my site 😦 ?

17 06 2009

You never comment on mine!

16 06 2009

Welcome Officially Back Yarury :P:P:P:P:P

17 06 2009

Wow, Yarury is banned for 72 Hours. wth

17 06 2009

can u go to harrrleyx.wordpress.com and say cowtail5 sent me thx
i know ur pass

17 06 2009

You should join the Nachos army at http://nachoarmy.com they have over 200 members active over 1,900 registered members they have 3 blogs (only 1 active obviousely) but there new one made in June 2008 has over 780,000 hits they get 40-60 people per battle and been around since June 2006! and led by Person1233, akabob22 and linkin55 they are the 2nd largest and best ranked cp army it’s a whole other version of cp it can’t hurt to join so join today at http://nachoarmy.com

17 06 2009

Hey I am throwing a Club Penguin Summer Party this weekend. Hosts are already picken out, and um, hopefully you can make it. There will be fun, games, and more, also recording!

If you’ve made it to the last party thrown, and wanted me to throw another one, well here’s your chance. Congratulations to our newest hosts; Moon Man Two, and Megazboy1.

Hopefully you can make it to the party, the link is http://gardenax.wordpress.com/2009/06/12/cp-summer-party/

Visit now, you are just a click away!

~ |Global|

18 06 2009

woo hoo! welcome back yarury! 😀

22 06 2009

Anything that messes with Club Penguin’s Code is hacking. I HOPE EVERY CLUB PENGUIN HACKER IN THE WORLD GETS A PERMA-BAN AND CAN NEVER CREATE ANOTHER PENGUIN. Hackers are just low life jerks.

19 07 2009

Hey Yarury, I didn’t die!! 👿

19 07 2009

That’s so mean of you to say! 😦

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