25 07 2009


It’s yarury and some f*cking baster, retarded lezbian gay banned yarury forever.

Cca: Your such a nice friend!

iDance: 😉 nice boy!

Divacats: I’m sorry that u quit cp, now it’s my time 2 turn in 😦 .

Snowy Kittey: Ya… Bye, live high in heaven 😮

Wex: Thanks for posting and stuffz

Latias: Ahhh… ur just a plain hacker!

The rest: Thanks for visiting and viewing this awesome site..

Does any one want this site to start posting on and stuffz? It has 11,000 hits in 5 months and gets 1,000 hits a month min!

Just comment





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25 07 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

yarury was so rare 😦

25 07 2009


25 07 2009

Yarury why don`t tell to Club Penguin they maybe can unbanned your penguin.Just try.

25 07 2009

Yes please don’t quit just keep e-mailing cp telling them to unbann you!

27 07 2009

I’ll help post on the site 🙂 By the way, go on Flubby123456’s sitr, and on one page it tells you Club Penguins phone number. Ring the number, and pretend you’re a friend of your penguin. Say that club penguin is so boring and you hate it without your “friend”. It might help. 🙂 Give it a shot! 😉

28 07 2009

I will e-mail Club Penguin and will tell them to unbanned your penguin

30 07 2009

😦 I liked your peng. Thanks for being such a great friend. Keep visiting my site so we can keep in touch 😉


31 07 2009

Yarury I talk with Club Penguin and they want to contact with you.
Look what they say :

“As for your friends penguin account, we’re only able to discuss penguins accounts with their owners. We will need to be contacted by your friend in order to look into the matter further.”

1 08 2009

Bye! I hope to get Yarury unbanned.

15 08 2009

Sorry I noticed this only now! 😦 Try to contact cp and make them unbann yaruru. 😦 I wanted to advertise my and Pingu Ninja2’s party,but I guess u can’t come now! 😥


18 08 2009

BYe Please come back I could take care of the site really well ok if you agree tell me at

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