About Us

Hello 🙂

This page is all about us Me,snowy kittey and yarury


Divacats is a 12 year old girl(well in April) she joined Club Penguin when she was almost 11,her penguin is 420 days old.She enjoys blogging more than Club Penguin 🙂 watex inspried me I opened a webkinz blog first and I saw the top blogs and it had a penguin picture there I click and I came upon watex.wordpress.com he taught me many things and I started a blog called http://fans4cp.wordpress.com/ it was very success ful I got 1,900 hits a month in 3 months I had 6,000 hits 🙂 later on I made another blog and now this one.


Snowy Kittey:

I have many penguins 5 of them are beta penguins but I don’t like crowds so I made Snowy Kittey and made a blog with the help of my friend divacats I’ve only had it 2 months and so many days. But then Divacats gave me an Idea that I liked a lot we make a blog toghter it will save twice as much of trouble get us more hits because were advertising it toghter and FUN!



I have one penguin and that’s Yarury she is 541 days old just turned it today 10/3/2009 I was just a normal girl playing on Club Penguin until Divacats showed me blogging yesterday 9/3/2009 and I liked it she showed me her video’s blogs and pictures and she said would you like to join me I was to happy for words 🙂 so I said ok I made a new email and Divacats showed me how to take pictures and everything 🙂


More from Divacats:

You will become our friend by commenting regularly and by becoming   our friend you have a high position in our blogging and Club Penguin life 🙂 also you will become more of a friend when you come to our parties and chat.When you are our friend we will support you all the way and help you in difficulties 😀


(The best of friends)


28 responses

10 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Now this page is great since its the first page 😀

10 03 2009

Awesome I just love your website its very colorful and bright with nice things everywhere 😀

10 03 2009

Your english is quite good Yarury 😐 yay I learent all of the wordpress face 👿

10 03 2009

qotally cool page I like the colors and yeah themaster123 is right about this blog

10 03 2009

My penguin is about 800 days old or older.

Snowy Kittey, what are the beta penguin names? Comment them on my site. I’m just curious. 🙄

I wish I had a beta…

10 03 2009

cool page!

11 03 2009

Yarury about ur comment visit my site check ur email and u will like it

12 03 2009

Watex is just a hacker. Oreo 8000 inspired me.

15 03 2009

that’s cool!

16 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Hmmmm…how can watex be a hacker?! well thanks for a;; the comments on this page penguins,we have ten currently 🙂

16 03 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-


(eleven comments)

17 03 2009

Nice site 🙂

18 03 2009

Hi Yarury,
im cresty09 u post on my blog and now is my turn to post!:P
Ur blog is cool
Sweet Cheat!

21 03 2009
XLR8 64

hey can i have a beta plz

22 03 2009
Vika Viker

Now that’s a great Bio!

1 04 2009

Nice ‘N Colorful

12 04 2009

Can I have this beta for a day only?

13 04 2009

Very well written Bio.

I am happy to see that you are a great fan and supporter of mine.


17 04 2009
viola Jr 221


17 04 2009
viola Jr 221

cool watex commented here?!

18 04 2009

hi iam hari456. please visit my site
please visit my site more often as i want hits. please help me!

3 05 2009

can i join the site??? my email address is cpfan61@yahoo.com im a girl

10 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

lol loads of comments yay 😀

11 05 2009

Wow! You three penguins are great friends!
How many views do you get a day?
Like 95?
I get like 170-300.

Yarury: Sometimes 90, most of the time 100-200 😀

13 05 2009


15 06 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Hmm now a days we get 50 a day no soo good 😐 .

13 07 2009

visit this Site for always updated Club Penguin cheats!
(It’s so awesome!)

20 07 2009

can u give me a beta? lol plz! All my pengu’s r very very umm…not rare they only have from the o’berry pin 2 the latest pin!

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