Quitting Time – Goodbye Club Penguin, forever

23 11 2009

Well. Yarury was banned and I think she quitted. So it’s time for me to quit too.

Cca : Great one 😉

Idance : Goodest boy 😉

Wex : You’r my favourite penguin.

To the rest, thanks for supporting this website.

I also have a penguin account that is a member and 1 year remaining.

For those who want it. Please just mail at ronaldo_delapaz@yahoo.com




25 07 2009


It’s yarury and some f*cking baster, retarded lezbian gay banned yarury forever.

Cca: Your such a nice friend!

iDance: 😉 nice boy!

Divacats: I’m sorry that u quit cp, now it’s my time 2 turn in 😦 .

Snowy Kittey: Ya… Bye, live high in heaven 😮

Wex: Thanks for posting and stuffz

Latias: Ahhh… ur just a plain hacker!

The rest: Thanks for visiting and viewing this awesome site..

Does any one want this site to start posting on and stuffz? It has 11,000 hits in 5 months and gets 1,000 hits a month min!

Just comment



20 06 2009




Dont belive??

20 06 2009

Dont belive?? Then fine i will end my life now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yarury is officially back!

15 06 2009


Say yay for YARURY! I’m back to blogging 😀 .

Happy? lol 😆

Soo… since wexfief already posted about the party (thank you)

I’m just going to talk, our views are not good! last month we only got 2,000 hits this month we only got 700 hits!

So advertise this site as much as you can and let people know I’m back 😀


ps: The winners of the coin code contest, will be announced next month.

PPS: Latias is a hacker she uses penguin storm I read her comments on Penguin Storm blog (which I view, and make sure they don’t do bad stuff)

Adventure Party

12 06 2009

Hey Guys! Wexfief here.

The adventure party is awesome!

First, there is a cheat for the Play Catalog. It’s the same as last time : click the music box for the silver wand.

Silver Wand 6-12-09

Of course, there’s a member place. But the free item isn’t that cool so don’t worry about it nonmembers. Here’s how the member room looks like. The free item is a tropical bird. But I can always wear the Red Bird. 😛

Member Place 6-12-09

But luckily, the free item for nonmembers is BRAND NEW! And it is a pretty cool Safari Hat.

Green Safari Hat 6-12-09

Adventure Hunt Cheats:

  1. Click the Gray Fish at the Pool.
    1 Discovery 6-12-09
  2. Click the Long Vine next to Catchin’ Waves (Cove).
    2 Discovery 6-12-09
  3. Click the Turtle next to the rock (Dock).
    3 Discovery 6-12-09
  4. Click the bush with flowers next to the sign “Super Pool”. (Snow Forts)
    4 Discovery 6-12-09
  5. Click the Water Sprout and the top left corner and click the Whale. (Iceberg)
    5 Discovery 6-12-09
  6. Click the flowers at the top left corner. (Plaza)
    6 Discovery 6-12-09
  7. Click the spot where the water is bubbling and click the jellyfish. (Beach)
    7 Discovery 6-12-09
  8. Click the Pink Flowers at the Very Top. (Forest)
    8 Discovery 6-12-09

Click Claim Prize by clicking the Binoculars at the top right corner.

Adventure Background Get 6-12-09

This is how Wexfief looks with the background.

Wexfief Adventure Look 6-12-09

What would you rate this party (out of 10)? I say 10/10!


New Sports Catalog and New Music

29 05 2009

Hey Guys! Wexfief here.

I am REALLY angry! They brought back my rarest furniture item, the Red Biscuit Tube! 😦 😡 😦 😥

I really hate the new sports catalog. It is almost all rare items. 😡

There is only one cheat in the sports catalog though for you members. Click the Soccer Ball that is flying in the first page for the Green Soccer Uniform.

Green Soccer Ball Cheat 5-29-09

The new music is the ONLY good update but nonmembers should have some music too. 😐

Music list 5-29-09

The best one is the Mix Maestro.

I am really angry right now. Wish I can do something about Disney…

And read this post here : http://wexfief.wordpress.com/2009/05/28/cheap-disney/#more-1591 It is the most interesting thing you’ll ever see.