First of all note to latias, please do not ask for donations on this site you can ask in a comment, no hard feeling’s ;) .

Anyway viewers lets get on to what the title say’s.

I really want a coin code so I was wondering if you people could donate me, divacats or snowy kittey one? we all live in a country that doesn’t sell them so please, please, please donate anything you can.

Here is the things we would really be happy if you donated:

  • Coin code any series
  • Rare penguin member or non-member
  • Member penguin
  • Membership any month

Please do not donate in a comment, because other people work here and has access to see the comments.

If you would like to donate:

Yarury: yarury.ld.info@gmail.com

Divacats: penguin.divacats@gmail.com

Snowy Kittey: snowy.kittey@gmail.com

Please donate here’s your prizes if you donate:


Medal of appreciation on our side bar with your name and if you have one your on it.


This penguin if you donate a 6 month membership


You also get this penguin if you donate a 6 month membership, two penguins.






For a 12 month membership, you get 3 penguins all rare.




For a coin code any series, of course I have more penguins that I will give away every time somebody donates, but I will just list these for now :)

  • You will also be Yarury, Divacats and Snowy Kittey’s buddy
  • Be on my blogroll.
  • We will make you your very own site, with awesome things about you your penguins picture edited and coolified, and your very own fan club.
  • A youtube channel made for you.
  • And a widget all about you on this sites side bar.

What more could you want?!

~Yarury :D


10 responses

11 05 2009

yarury- i sendted you a coin code for series one i do not want anything in return this a gift becuz you are very nice persan

12 05 2009

That’s what im talking about. good job! 😉

14 05 2009

I have coin code 🙂 I want those member penguins at the bottome!

14 05 2009

I know the second penguins password.

14 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Ok! as soon as you send the coin code I promise and cross my heart to give you those two un-banned penguins!

14 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

Ummm…. which second one?! from the members or at the top!?

30 05 2009

ummm…i used the code…sorry. But, can I have the last member penguin if i give u a rare penguin and blogroll???

15 06 2009
Fun Squalin™

Hey take squalin off!

6 07 2009

go to my wicked web site and I have a coin code…….
but keep visiting at http://www.clubpenguintorres.wordpress.com

18 04 2010

I dont wanna Email so i gonna post it here if tats ok?

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