Dream Penguins

◊Dream Penguins◊


Would you like a penguin?!

with ANY item you like on it?

Ok then order your penguin.

Just give me a picture of your penguins name

What you would like it to wear

How many coins you want it to have

I do not do backgrounds or pins though!

If you would like the Beta hat I can.



Click your name for your order.


12 responses

13 04 2009

I have pictures of pins! They’re here: http://idance1.wordpress.com/lots-of-pins/ You may use them. 🙂

17 04 2009
viola Jr 221

i would like one! uhhhhhhhhhh. the name would be viola Jr.

i dont no how to take a pic 😦 and um! the head item would be the beta hat the pin if u could would be the shamrock pin and the light house t-shirt with pink bunny slippers and a gray guitar

17 04 2009
viola Jr 221

culd you really do taht?!

17 04 2009

my penguin name is spert768 can i have the beta hat

but thow i have no pics

19 04 2009

nice take my picture from tha blog then make me a beta thanks!

10 05 2009
Yarury-Click My Name-

I wonder when I will start

15 05 2009

i want a free 6 month membership and loads of coins

15 05 2009
5 06 2009
Roxi 203

how do u take a pic like diva cats did
if u wanna see her pics go to funny pictures

5 06 2009
Roxi 203

how do u take a pic????????????????????????????????????

20 06 2009

my penguin name is anu1234 i want 500 coinsi want my igloo like an airport n the foot ball costume

10 09 2009

my email has changed

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